corporate responsibility

Emergency Response Centre International

We at ASPIDA strongly believe that giving back to the community is essential.

Emergency Response Centre International (ERCI) is a Greek non-profit organisation, supported by ASPIDA, aiming to provide emergency response and humanitarian aid in life-threatening environments.

In December 2015 ERCI launched its maiden operation on Lesvos, in order to assist the large influx of refugees by providing its assets for Search and Rescue (SAR) both offshore and ashore – the first critical task in such situations, which requires strictly professional skills as well as specialised equipment. The ERCI team consists of competent, trained professionals: rescuers, lifeguards and medics, who can fully operate in complex situations along with the necessary equipment, such as an offshore RHIB used for rescues at sea and off-road vehicles, which are part of the operation. We are currently operating on the South Coast of the island, assisting the safe rescue of hundreds of people on a daily basis. So far our team has helped more than 18.000 people in distress reach safety.

“As a Greek professional dealing with the preservation of life at sea I feel it is my duty to ensure I do everything in my means to ensure that no more lives are lost in the Aegean. ERCI is not just a specialised Search and Rescue operation but a vehicle to funnel international support in the largest humanitarian crisis of our era.” Panos G. Moraitis, Founder of ERCI and CEO of Aspida.


Aspida supports the Sailor’ s Society, a personal lifeline for seafarers at home, in port and at sea that aims to help seafarers and their families with welfare and practical support by;

• visiting ships in ports and talking with seafarers away from home for up to a year at a time,
• helping them get in touch with much missed loved ones and access medical treatment,
• liaising seafarers with frightened families when they are kidnapped by terrorists or imprisoned, mostly through no fault of their own,
• building homes and schools,
• providing grants to bring hope and security to seafaring communities.


Natassa Nidrioti is a dressage athlete since 2003 and her coach is Electra Stavrogianni.

Dressage is an equestrian sport believed to be “the highest expression of horse training”.
It is the basis for discipline as absolute cooperation is required between the rider and the horse in order to move from side to side, change directions or gallop when required. The purpose is to move in perfect harmony with such consistency and accuracy that the degree of difficulty can be hardly identified by spectators.
Dressage is an Olympic sport.

Natassa and her horses have won many distinctions with those standing out being:

  • Greek Championship 2014, 1st position for Greece in advanced category and 8th in global classification
  • 1st position for group in FEI WORLD CHALLENGE with the horse Ghana.
  • 1st position in 2015 championship with the horse Shaya
  • 1st position in 2015 championship with the horse Ghana in different categories

Natassa is planning to participate in three more Greek Championships in 2016.

Sofia Yfantidou

Sofia Yfantidou was born and raised in Veria, Northern Greece. At the age of 10 she took up sports and a year later was spotted by Coach Minas Kyriakos. Her talent was apparent to everyone as she attended a specialized school for athletes. With the support of her family and their dream to see Sofia become a world class athlete, she went on to study Gymnastics in Thessaloniki from where she graduated in 2010.

The 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro is the main focus for Sofia. She has a passion, a passion for going above and beyond, of never letting go and always pushes hard to achieve her dreams. Sofia knows that she has the support of her family,her friends and her club. Now she has one more partner that shares her ethos, her excellence, a partner that is firm in helping her achieve one more victory and that partner is Aspida.

We take pride in welcoming Sofia under the Aspida wing, she is one of us, an individual that strives for perfection and thrives through unique achievements, an athlete that summits with focus and integrity, she is a strong drive for us all.

Sofia is now focused on 2016 Olympics to be held in Rio. Her passion for what she does and the support of her family, her club, the local community and ASPIDA, keeps her going.

We are inspired by Sofia. Her passion, pride, commitment to perfection, focus, integrity and breadth of talents is an excellent match to our company values and a strong drive for us all.

Sofia’s career highlights:


  • 1st place National Complex Tournament. Performance 4,420 degrees, best performance ever in Greece.
  • 1st place National Championship 100 hurdles


  • European Championships Barcelona. Performance 6004 points – the second athlete of all time in Greece that breaks the barrier of 6000 points!
  • 3rd place European Cup Composites Netherlands. Performance 5931 points.
  • 2nd place National Championship 100 hurdles


  • 3rd place European Cup Composites Spain. Fourth best performance for all time in Greece!
  • 2nd place National Championship 100 hurdles
  • 1st place National Composites


Our commitment to shipping extends to our leisure lives as well. We’re the sponsors of the Optimum Yacht Racing Team, supporting nautical activities in Greece. This symbolises and demonstrates our enthusiasm for the advancement and enjoyment of shipping. We found the values of sailing to reflect to our company, such as team work, precision, power, chivalry, freedom and achievement.

Optimum 3 is a FARR 52, full-carbon, One Design sloop, built in Annapolis, USA and designed by Bruce Farr. She is based in the Kalamaki port of Athens.

With her asymmetrical masthead spinnakers with an area of 250sqm, Optimum 3 takes a crew of 15 to manage the incredible rigging strains.

With this yacht, OPTIMUM YACHT RACING TEAM has won the prestiguous Rolex Middle Sea Race in XXXX and recently the Anniversary 50th Aegean Rally of 2013, breaking two long standing records along the way: Top Speed of 29.9 knots and score 5-0: the team won all 5 races of the regatta, something that was never achieved before!

You can find out more about the yacht, her achievements and history here.